Sunday, June 22, 2014

Goodbye Friends!

The Griffins moved into the ward a short time after we did.  Anna has been a wonderful friend and support over the last five years.  I have appreciated her friendship so much and know that I can count on her for anything - even if she's an ocean away.  I have loved watching our kids grow up together and we will miss them terribly.  At least she gives me a good reason to visit JAPAN!

Carter and Bryant are best friends.  I'm not sure what they will do without each other!
Summer, Eliza, and Connor.  Our little ones have spent hours at each other's houses.  Good thing they all love mac n' cheese!
The party is now complete!  Kendra, Anna, and myself.
Ian, Kase Caldwell, and Eliza.  Photo bombed by Reece!  Playgroups and preschool have offered hours of play time for these three.
Griffin, Caldwell, and Chapman kids.  This is the best picture I have until Kendra gets me copies of hers.  So this is the best picture I have... :)

End of School!

The Graduate!

Sixth grade - and elementary school - are things of the past! 
Before the ceremony
Woohoo Isaac!  Congrats!
Isaac was honored for participating in and completing the Wright Flight Program.  This boy flew a plane!
Picture time!
Isaac and his best friend, Cody Foster
Isaac and Ben Stock, his soccer buddy.  The Stocks made soccer so much fun!
Isaac and his teacher, Ms. Parsons.  This was her first year and she did FABULOUS!  Isaac loved having her and I think she holds the title of "Favorite Teacher Ever."  He was lucky to have her as a student teacher, too!
Here are some of the things Isaac's teacher has said about him on his report cards this last year -
"Isaac is an absolute pleasure to have in class."
Isaac's academics reflect his intelligence level and his eagerness to learn.  He is a wonderful student with a kind heart."
"Isaac has one of the biggest hearts and constantly volunteers to help others.  He exhibits patience and respect at all times."
"It has been a pleasure to watch you grow over the last year and a half.  You have such a bright future ahead and can't wait to hear of your successes.  Best of luck in NM, you will shine as always!  Keep up on your work, and make sure your work represents what you are capable of.  I will truly miss you, Isaac.  Stay focused!"
 So Long 3rd Grade!

Carter with his best friend, Bryant, and all the other kids that jumped into the picture! :)
Carter and Jimmy - another one of Carter's great friends

Carter and his teacher, Mrs. Iturralde

Carter's teacher said - 
"I have really enjoyed getting to know Carter.  He has many insightful ideas to share with the class.  Carter's kind, caring, and friendly character makes him a role model for classmates."
"Carter continues to meet or excel in all academic areas."
"Carter has made great gains."
"It has been a pleasure having Carter in my class this year."
First Grade?  Piece of Cake!
Ashlyn and her teacher, Ms. Erbe

Ashlyn with her teacher's aide, Ms. Underwood
Ashlyn's teacher said - 
"Ashlyn is very courteous, cooperative, and enjoys taking an active role in our classroom activities.  I truly enjoy having her in my class!"
"Ashlyn is a wonderful student who excels in all areas.  She is kind, compassionate and helpful."
"Ashlyn is a hard, conscientious worker and is always trying to improve her skills.  You should be very proud of her.  I appreciate her enthusiasm!"
"I am pleased to report that Ashlyn has made excellent progress in all academic areas .  She has worked very hard this year to do her best, and I am very proud of her for that."
All three kids had a WONDERFUL school year!  We have been really blessed at Twin Peaks with awesome teachers and friends.  Let the summer begin!