Sunday, August 17, 2014

Some of my girlfriends planned a Girl's Night Out farewell party for me.  What better place to go than BOWLING?!?  It was perfect and we had a blast!  It had been awhile and I stunk up the first game with only forty something points.  I lost. :(  However, I had an amazing comeback on our second game and won - being the only person to break 100.  Woohoo!  Thanks for a great night girls!

Yvonne Huff, Me, Kendra Caldwell, Kristy Cook, Collette Mortensen, and Faith O'Hara

To the dentist we go!

Ian FINALLY made it to the dentist for the first time.  Hooray!  Super exciting and super good report.  He can't wait to go back.!

Saddles and Trees

Who can resist a mini photo shoot when there are saddles and trees around?  We had a little fun before leaving the hotel after Eric's graduation.
Ashlyn and Cecilia, Jennifer's daughter
I guess Summer could have resisted...
Chapman Grandkids!


There aren't really words sufficient to describe the last five years of residency.  It was a learning and growing experience for sure.  The best part about it, is it's DONE!  CONGRATS, ERIC!  We're all so proud of you!

 We started out the day with a little paintball.  This is a yearly graduation tradition that they do, I think, to get out all of the frustrations from the previous year!  We all had fun and survived with only a few bruises and welts here and there.
Carter, Isaac, and Talon Bennett ready to show us how it's done!

 The big night!  We had a nice dinner and ceremony at the Westward Look Wyndham Resort.  We started out with the kids,  but I was SO happy we went ahead and reserved a room and a babysitter.  I think they were too!  So, no pics of them, but they were pretty proud of their Daddy, too. 

Eric's Mom and Dad and sister, Jennifer flew down for the big event.  They wouldn't miss it! 

My parents were also happy to make the trip.  All of the hard work and sacrifice over the last five years deserved a celebration!
There it is.  Dr. Eric Chapman - Orthopaedist!  Knee work, anyone?
Eric also was awarded the "Excellence in Research" award presented by the visiting doctor.
Dave Bennett, Bobby Dezfuli, and Eric.  The graduating class.

Now on to a fellowship in Sports Medicine at New Mexico Orthopedics in Albuquerque for a year, then on to the rest of our lives!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Kai the dog!

Meet the newest member of our family!  Yes, I broke down and we're trying it again.  The opportunity came and I tried to pass it up.  In the end, though, I knew this was the dog for us and gave him to Eric for graduation.  He's a Belgium Malinois (mal-in-wah).  It's pretty fun to say.  He's a great dog and everyone is loving him.  I don't even mind him so much.  He's really good and full of personality.  And yes, he's BIG! Wish us luck!

2014 MX Family Reunion: Catch the Wave!

This year for our family reunion we met at Carlsbad, CA and camped on a bluff above the ocean.  It was WONDERFUL!  We woke up in the morning to the sound of waves, we went to bed each night to the sound of waves, and surprisingly, a very crowded campground seemed very private thanks to the sound of waves.  I shamelessly admit that most of the pictures I took were of Ian and Summer.  However, in my defense, they were the only ones available.  I would locate the older three from a distance for an occasional head count, and that was pretty much the extent of our interaction!  When cousins are around, Eric and I cease to exist.  I got a few pics from siblings, but I need to track down a few more.  I only have ONE shot of Carter (and I guess another of the back of his head).  He and Trace and Cody made some new friends (Carter knows no stranger) and the five of them had a blast at least one full day at the beach.  
Here's a snapshot of our vacation - in no particular order!

First taste of the beach!
This sand burial started out as fun and games.  See all the smiles?  Of course, it had to turn into a competition to see who could stay in the longest.
 Pretty soon it was down to just Taige and Isaac.  The others were smart enough to abandon long ago.  Unfortunately for these two, they both inherited a stubborn competitive streak from, ahem, their mothers.  What Isaac also inherited from his mother is a fear of being trapped.  Apparently the stubborness won out.  I don't know how he did it, but he was miserable - don't let the smiles fool you!  The water was freezing, the weight of the sand and not being able to move was almost unbearable.  With tears in his eyes, he still refused to get out.  Finally enough was enough and we pulled them out.  He couldn't walk for the next long while and hopefully he'll listen to his mother next time!
 You can hardly see him, but the lump under Grandpa's hand was Ian.  Grandpa had the hardest job of all - napping with all the littles!
 Looking over the fence - out at the waves.  I can't believe I didn't take a single shot of our view!
 Oh wait - here's one of our view! 
 We decided a big "Mullenaux" made out of seaweed and rocks would be perfect for our family picture.  Emily, Cari, and I worked hard!
 In order to get a proper angle for the picture of our work, we had to pull out some old cheer stunts.  Good thing the basic of the basic was all we needed, because we're getting old!
I love this great family of mine!  We had an awesome time.  Definitely one to remember. Thanks Cari for putting it all together!