Sunday, May 25, 2014

Ian's Fieldtrip/Preschool Party to Peter Piper Pizza

For his last day of preschool, Ian had a pizza party!  Not only did he get to eat pizza, but he got to see how it was made, make his own, and then enjoy the goodness.  He had a crazy year with a bunch of crazy boys and Eliza.  We love preschool!

LtoR:  Timmy, Sean, Eliza, Ian, Ryan, Kase


When the pool's a slip'nslide!

The kids had been begging for us to take them swimming for several weeks before we finally gave in.  We got everyone dressed, sunscreened, and loaded only to discover that the pool was closed due to human contamination.  Man! Luckily, they have an awesome Dad who was willing to pull into Walgreens to see what they had.  $10 later, they were a slippin and a slidin.  Hours of fun in our own backyard.
Carter and his best friend, Bryant Griffin
Isaac was at a birthday party and Summer was a chicken.  Boy did they miss out!

There's a Bear in here!

Carter earned his Bear rank in cub scouts!  I think this is the first time we didn't squeak it in right before a birthday.  He finished with four months of arrow point earning power still to go.  We're so proud of him and his accomplishments!

He looks like he was running from my kiss, but I know he wanted it!

A girl of many names


"Just wait until you see this!"    


 Taste Tester

Shoe Model


Thursday, May 1, 2014

15 months!

My sweet Summer is 15 months old today!  Her biggest accomplishment would be that she now walks about 50% of the time.  We're making progress!  Lucky for us, she's had her climbing skills perfected for awhile now.  I definitely have to keep my eye on her.  I was looking for a pacifer this morning to lay her down for her nap and we came across the jackpot under her crib.  Heaven!  We sure do love and adore her!

Little Boys Don't Stay Little Forever

We had the GREAT opportunity today to have a backhoe working RIGHT outside our front door!  How do we get such luck?  Ian was quick to grab his backhoe and get to work also.  As I watched him play, I started to think about the "good ol' days" that I thought would never end.  Why did they have to end?  When the older kids were little, we had nothing to do but play in the dirt with trucks for hours, go to parks, libraries, museums, playgroups - something different every day.  I realized that I need to relax every now and again and embrace my last two little ones.  Enjoy some things that I never do anymore.  I might get crazy and even pull out the finger paint.  Well, maybe baby steps....