Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Eric and the boys got a rocket for Christmas and we finally got it launched on Saturday. It took us a couple of tries to get it off (Carter tripped on the wire and disconnected the ignitor, the wind blew the rocket over right when we got to 1 on the countdown, etc.), but once we finally did, the boys LOVED it! You'll hear Isaac shouting AWESOME over and over again on the video. We had three engines for this go around and had to go to Hobby Lobby for more so that we have them on hand for the next time.

I know it's sideways!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Under Construction!

I'm trying to give my blog a new look, but it will probably take me awhile to get it how I want it. Who knows what it will look like each time you open it. I never know when I'll be called away! Sorry for the mess!

The Drill....

We've had lots of fun with sick kids these last couple of days. Two nights ago Carter woke up and started the show, with him and Ashlyn puking alternately for three hours! As soon as we would get one all cleaned up and back in bed, the other one would start. After we got Ashlyn down the last time, Eric and I layed down in bed, holding our breath, that that was the last of it. In a few minutes we heard a strange noise come from Ashlyn (they were both in our room) and we were up in a flash. I flicked the light on my way and swooped her up and over the trashcan that Eric had ready and waiting. We make a great team! After a few seconds, nothing was happening so I turned her over to see what was going on to find a scrunchy little face, rubbing her eyes and trying to figure out what was going on. "Stand down! False Alarm!" It gave Eric and I something to laugh about after a long night and it confirmed we had a rhythm going! Fortunately, that was it for the night. Carter was either all better or sick the next day, depending on what he wanted from us. He even tried to tell us - "I just threw up last night because I'm NOT sick!" The funny part is that he really honestly believes he has a sound argument. Poor Ashlyn didn't fair so well and continued to throw up all the next day. She's the best patient we've ever had. She'd just lay with us when she felt bad and giggle when she got a slight repreive. She's feeling much better today. Eric and Isaac escaped it completely so far (knock on wood), but I grabbed a little of the bug last night. No worries, though, I told Eric I would be feeling better by 4:00 this afternoon, which is less than an hour away, so I'm almost out of the woods! :) Hope everyone else is staying healthy and happy!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day! We had a busy but fun day. I think that Valentine's is one of my more favorite holidays. It gives me the extra excuse (that I think I need to have) to do special things for my loved ones. And, of course, I felt very loved myself! Thanks to my family, extended and immediate, for making it such a special day!