Saturday, April 30, 2011

Bring it on!

I just had the most amazing week. My in-laws (best ever!) came to watch my kids so that I could spend a blissful week in Utah with Eric and then my sisters - all by myself! By the end of the week I felt rested, rejuvenated, inspired, uplifted, and ready to be a happy, wonderful mom again. Kimberly, Cari, and I drove through the night last night to get home for my kids so that my in-laws could catch their plane. Reality always hits - especially when you're tired. Since we left Phoenix, Ian screamed an hour of our hour and a half drive home, Isaac spilt a chocolate milkshake all over the van's carpet, Ashlyn peed on the floor, Ian learned (by example) to throw die cast cars, etc., etc. But you know what? I'm still happy, I'm loving being home with my kids, and I'm ready for whatever tomorrow brings, because there is nowhere I'd rather be than where I am right now. I love my life and am so lucky that it's mine.

More to come on my fabulous week later....

Thursday, April 7, 2011


Ashlyn's friend, Alexa, wanted to have a fashion show for playgroup on Tuesday. Ashlyn had no idea what one was (am I failing as a mother?), but was very excited to pick out and wear her prettiest things. She decided to go with a ballerina theme. From our front door to theirs I heard, "I am SOOO beautiful" at least twenty times. She really is a vision, isn't she? :)

Like a really good dream...

You know when you have a really good dream and you don't even remember everything that happened - just that it was good? That was our week with Eric home. It was heaven! No work, no stress. Just Dad. Icecream, basketball games, remote control cars, swimming. The works! I even got to enjoy him by myself a bit. Our good friends watched the kids while we went hiking and out to dinner. We finished the week off with a trip to the zoo. It's the only thing I got pictures of!

This is what makes life sweet!

Family Picture Time!

The first major item on my list for Eric's week home (aside from cleaning out the garage) was family pictures. The last ones we took, Ashlyn was 18m old. I bought a Groupon for a photo shoot with Michael Chansley, so Monday evening we were off to Reid Park for a serious good time. (Surely you caught the sarcasm - family pictures with little kids - okay, you've got it now.) Ian had been running a fever all day and was less than chipper, the wind was whipping mine and Ashlyn's hair all around, and it was a new park with lots of interesting things to see and do - much more interesting than holding still and focusing on having your picture taken time and time again. Nonetheless, I think we got some really great shots of the kids and a good one of Eric and I. The actual family pictures I think are only okay at best. I haven't picked one for the wall yet, but by golly I shelled out the cash, I'm going to do it - even if it's painful. Here's the best of the best!