Sunday, October 23, 2011


On September 28th, Carter turned SEVEN! We started the morning off with a pile full of presents. He's a hard kid to shop for with his wild imagination, but I think Grandma and Grandpa nailed it with a kids woodworking book and gift card to Home Depot. He's always up to hardware stores!

We decided he wasn't quite old enough for the electric saw and drill that he requested, so we settled with his first hand saw.

The big treat was his new bow and arrow. Now he doesn't have to share Isaac's anymore!

Pretty impressive! :)

I woke up extra early so that I could get to Crispy Creme's and back AND have time to open presents before Eric had to leave for work. Much to my dismay (after driving for 10 min.), our Crispy Creme closed down so we had to pay for Safeway (just around the corner) donuts instead of getting our free, melt in your mouth, dozen. Carter was still happy...we let him light his own candle!

I picked up Subway and took it to Carter's school to have lunch with him. On my way out, I picked up a pale and fevered Isaac and brought him home with me. He was pretty bummed to miss out on the rest of the day's activities. Especially dinner that night because Carter got to invite two friends to go to MONKEY BUSINESS! YEA! I had to miss out, too, but still had loads of fun cleaning up the puke that Ian (not Isaac) decided to dispense all over me and the couch.

Daniel, Bryant, and Carter

After dinner, we had some Navy Ship cake and ice cream. My friend, Tammy, came over to teach me the fine art of fondant and this is what I ended up with. It was a lot of fun. Not exactly what my head pictured, but sometimes my head outthinks my abilities! He loved it and that's what I was going for. Next time I'll make sure she stays until the end....:) Thanks for your help, Tammy!

Carter is definitely the life of our little family. He has so many crazy ideas and a cute little smirk to match. I think sometimes his brain outthinks his abilities, too, but I love that he builds cardboard ships that will "really sail" and paper parachutes that he tries to use off of his bunkbed. I feel very fortunate that we're seven years down and no trips to the ER. (Knock on wood!) Happy Birthday Carter Boy!

Ian, Soccer Action, Ian, More, and Ian

I was looking through pictures so I could update and this sweet little face kept popping up every other picture or so. He's no specific event, but he's definitely still a main event around our house.

We finally got a couple of pictures of Isaac in soccer action. We generally either forget our camera, or forget to take pictures when we do have it. He's doing great this year and really enjoying it. He scored his first goal of the season yesterday and was super excited. Way to go! He's especially good at playing defense and rarely lets a ball get by. He's a good hustler and keeps going even when he's pooped. After practice last week his coach told me "Isaac is such a fun kid." I love soccer season and watching his games!

How did this picture get here?!?

This September 16th, my Dad turned 60! Such an old man! We had a great John Deere themed party down in Thatcher (no pics) and I provided the pinatas. Ian's no dummy. He knows what to do when his mommy is distracted and in a time crunch!

I made the tractor pinata for the kids and the hay bale for the adults. They were pretty sturdy and we had a great time whacking at them. I think we even lost a whacker! Nothing like getting out a little aggression with those you love most!

Oh hey there!

Ashlyn had her first preschool fieldtrip this year to the Arizona Desert Museum. It was perfect after studying about the desert.

I think she looks good with bat ears!

Unfortunately, two of her classmates couldn't make it, but she still had a great time with Jenna and Rebecca!

Say Cheese!

There's a BEAR in here!

Isaac completed all of his requirements to receive his Bear in Cub Scouts. Hooray!

He was a little reluctant to give me the traditional "mother's salute," but that didn't stop me! I still planted a big one on him.

Good job, son! We're proud of you!