Monday, May 24, 2010

Preschool Graduation

This year for Carter's preschool, I did a co-op with three other moms. It was one of those random things that I soon realized wasn't really random at all. We were new in town and didn't know very many people. I wanted to do something with Carter, but didn't know what. I had talked to a lady at church about doing something together, but she ended up backing out. Fortunately, before she did, she had given my number to someone else - who gave it to someone else. Eventually I got a phone call from a stranger, who had gathered two other strangers, and our preschool was formed. None of us had ever met before, but it worked out perfectly. The kids became instant friends and we had a wonderful and fun year. I know that Carter and I were both blessed by the relationships we made. The kids go to four different wards, and will go to three different elementary schools, so they don't see very much of each other now that preschool is finished, but I think they will be friends for a very long time. We're hoping for a preschool reunion soon!

The graduates - Wyatt Gibbons, Carter, Alesha Woodings, and Abby Derrick

Along with their diploma they received a book with several of their projects in it that they had made throughout the year. Carter LOVES his book!

Me and my handsome boy!

Congrats and good luck with kindergarten. Thanks for a great year!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ready to go!

You never know what you might need or when you might need it. Can you ever really be too prepared for a ride in the car?

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Father and Sons

The Father and Sons outing was on Mt. Lemmon this year. The boys loved it. How could they not? They look forward to the time they get to spend with just their dad. Ian can't wait to join them!