Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cookin' Up Memories - Mullenaux Reunion 2008

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then this entry is worth 38,000 words +! I'm not very good at narrowing things down. Stacie gave me a copy of some of her pictures that I was going to insert, but then I decided enough was enough. Maybe I'll do a part two if I just can't help myself!

Dad and Cindy rented an Elks Camp in the mountains above Roosevelt Lake for our 3rd Mullenaux Family Reunion - Cookin' Up Memories. It was a blast! Eric was the only one who missed out - boo who - , but we managed to have a good time without him. It was so nice to relax with family for four days- going on walks, playing games, napping, visiting, eating, eating, eating, etc., while the kids ran and played and enjoyed the great outdoors. We each had a cabin and then there was a main lodge for eating and gathering. We pretty much did whatever during the day and then would meet up in the evening for fun and games. Kimberly worked hours and hours planning the reunion with Dad and Cindy and put together a FABULOUS cookbook with all of our favorite recipies (which I have loved having). Here's a little (or lot) of the things we did.

It just wouldn't be right to start with any picture other than Ashlyn! :)

Kimberly had a problem with "the stream" during our big walk. Good thing her sisters were there to bail her out!

My sisters!

I had to get in the shot!

Grandma Cindy spent most of her hours playing Uno with the Grandkids. They were in heaven! The rest of us usually tell them to go away....

The camp had all kinds of fun things for the kids to play with - balls, jump ropes, hula hoops, puzzles, games, bean bag tosses, etc. Isaac took some valuable time to work on his hula hooping skills.

Emily taught us a new card game, "Oh Heck", and Cyndi won both times we played. None of us could think of a time Cyndi has EVER won a card game since she has joined our family. It was quite a historic moment and one for her to be proud of. Go Cyndi!

She then creamed us all in "HORSE."

One of the grandkids' favorite things was the dinner bell. Most of the shorties had to be lifted up to ring it. Not Carter. He just climbed right up. He wasn't going to waste any time begging for help.

We struggled a little with the grandkid picture this year, but they're all there! Carter was hiding for half of them and we had to round up Tillman or some other kid a time or two. What a good looking bunch of kids - even if they're not all smiling!

Stacie led up a musical production performed by the men using "boomwhackers." You're supposed to hit them on your head, but most opted for their hand. She also made new Mullenaux Family Bingo Cards and a DVD of our first reunion. Thanks Stacie!

Uncle Steven and Aunt Cyndi brought their wagon which accounted for hours of entertainment.

Good thing Tillman was there to help those girls get around!

It wouldn't be a genuine family gathering without Cari doing someone's hair.

Cody is a certified repelling instructor and he brought equipment for us all to go one day. This was going off of about a 60 ft cliff.
Part of the gang, waiting for their turn to go.

This 200ft cliff is what they went off of AFTER Cari, Cindy and I had to go back to tend little kids. Cody promised to take us back the next day, but it rained. Bummer.

The creek was another favorite pasttime. Here's Alexa, Shayne, Brooklyn, Bailey, and Madisen.

The boys liked climbing around on the rocks more than the creek, I think.

Aunt Kimmie tried so hard to make friends with Ashlyn, but that week, she didn't want to be friends with ANYONE!

Isaac and Chandon - Kings of the rock!

Ashlyn had to try the creek, too. MY requirement - definitely not hers. Even though the picture doesn't show it, it wasn't a big hit.

Isaac is always ready with a pose!

Carter and Trace are finally playing together. They had a great time.

Taige, Trace and Carter

On Friday was Kimberly's 35th birthday. If any of you are familiar with "Wee Sing Together" we made Kimberly dance around the room singing "Rickety Tickety Look at Me" to collect all of her presents. It was a treat! Happy Birthday!

It rained all Friday and the only request I made to my children was to PLEASE stay out of the puddles. Carter, of course, found the biggest one. Not a big deal - let him have fun. If only I hadn't had to change his clothes several times that day!

Carter and Cody taking a bath. Once Carter saw me bathing Ashlyn in the big sink, there was no way he was going to take a shower. I was just so glad they had them!

Most nights I had to sneak away during the evening program to start bathing the kids and getting them to bed. They hadn't quite adjusted to AZ time yet. Jordynn would usually see me leave and come help me bathe them. She was a lifesaver! Her and Kortlynn helped out so much. Without Eric there, I'm not sure I could have done it without them! Thanks a million!

Aunt Cyndi set up an obstacle course on the last night for the kids to do. It was pretty strenuous at times, but they made it through!

Thanks again for the great time. We loved every minute of it!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fun at Aunt Cari's

As soon as the 4th of July was over, we hit Aunt Cari's and hit the pool. Steven, Cyndi and Tillman, and Cody and Emily came over for an evening swim so that Eric would have a chance to see some family before he left for Tucson. Cari had the camera and didn't get a picture of everyone, but here are a few.

The highlight of the night was the diving board competition between Garrett, Cari, Cody and I, and occasionally Steven when he decided it was challenging enough to be worth his effort! Thankfully we have no pictures of that, although I wouldn't mind seeing Cari's "Ladmo" over and over again. Eric was kind enough to skip out and spend some quality time with Carter in the little pool. He was heartbroken! :)

Garrett and Cody

Ashlyn didn't spend a lot of time in the water the first night, but she is slowly becoming more comfortable with it and doesn't protest quite as much when I drag her in.

Our diving board competition was pretty hot, but nothing quite compares to the kids' amazing jumps!


Isaac LOVES the diving board and is quite the ham on it.

Kinnedy is the cutest little button and she is always willing to smile and pose for the camera.

Carter mostly hangs out in the little pool, but I think he's most comfortable as the pool man. I thought we had made some progress with swimming lessons, but not so much. He is an excellent bubble blower, though, and had me take several pictures of him putting his face in the water, but I decided not to post the back of his head.

After watching the other kids, we thought Carter was finally going to give it a try, with us in the water to catch him.

Yeah right. The ONLY way he would agree to it was with Aunt Cari holding him for the big jump, blow up ring and all, and ONLY if she promised to keep his head above water.

Hooray! It was a success!

The night before the reunion, Cari and I had to go to the grocery store to stock up on snacks, etc., so we left the kids with Uncle Garrett. I had laid Ashlyn down, but she got woken up right before we left. I told Garrett to let her cry, but his little heart just couldn't bear it, so he said "It's okay. Can't she just hang out with me for awhile?" This is how we found them when we got home.

Eating breakfast with the big girls and hanging out with cousins!

We're spending the week after the reunion with Cari and Garrett also, but swimming, swimming, playing with cousins, and swimming some more pretty much sums it up! Thanks for the great time!