Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Carter B-Day!

Carter turned six this year and he wanted to celebrate in style - camo style. It was his year to have a birthday party, so we had an army water party. We had boot camp, complete with drills, an obstacle course, a water balloon/squirt gun battle, etc.

We ended with target practice on our pinata.

They shot and shot, but it held strong and wouldn't rip. We finally had to take a stick to it. Whatever works, so long as they get the candy!
I had visions of a really awesome tank cake for Carter, but everything that could go wrong, did, so I trashed it and made cupcakes with an army man on top. The kids were just as happy and it was way easier.
Carter's birthday morning we went to Crispy Creme's first thing to get his free dozen donuts.
We opened a couple of presents that morning, but saved the rest for Dad that night. Grandpa and Grandma got him a Popular Mechanics for Kids DVD set. He loves those shows and we have watched them over and over and over again. At least it's educational, right?
Here are a few other random present opening pictures.

Ian was very helpful with the present opening.

We went to Monkey Business for dinner and played and played until we were all worn out then came home for some birthday cookie and bed. He seemed to like everything he got, especially his new scooter. I'm glad it was such a hit. He's a great kid and we love having him in our family. We love you, Carter. Happy Birthday!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

So Long Curly Locks!

Ian's fro was starting to get a little out of control. I promised my mother-in-law I wouldn't cut it until after their visit, but as soon as they were gone - so were the curly locks. I had forgotten to take a good "before" picture, but this one works really well. This is during my in-laws visit a week before his haircut.

All combed out and ready to go.

It was so long!

Ian was very good and cooperative...

...until he started to worry that the torture would never end.

HOORAY! They're finished!

Isn't he soooo handsome? I love that sweet face!

It needed to be done, but I miss his curls. Fortunately, they're already starting to grow out again. This time on the back and sides, too. Can't wait for his next fro! :)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


This morning as Carter was walking around with me surveying the death and destruction that I like to call my garden and landscaping, he resignedly said, "Mom, we're not very good planters."

My neighbors would probably agree. My husband does agree. The seemingly hundreds of vegetables, herbs, flowers, and one small tree that have met their demise at my hand most definitely agree. However, I just can't. I have a watermelon. My one bright, shining hope that I will have a green thumb yet!

Monday, September 20, 2010

They're here! They're here!

The kids have been counting down a long time for Nana and Papa's visit. They came in January when Ian was born, but that was all just baby stuff. We were excited for them to come when we could actually play! They got in late Wednesday night, just in time for pack meeting on Thursday. Isaac worked really hard to finish his wolf so they could be there when he got it.

Isaac does a really convincing "Cub Scout Promise." Check out his face.

My favorite part of him earning his wolf was getting to draw all over him!

Way to go Isaac!

The kids had a half day on Friday, so when they got out of school, we headed up to Mt. Lemmon where we had reserved a cabin for the weekend. HIGHLY recommend this! We had a WONDERFUL time! The kids wasted no time exploring and finding big worms.

We spent our time playing games, doing puzzles, climbing on rocks, napping, reading, hiking, exploring, eating, talking, and escaping the 100+ Tucson heat. Obviously too busy to take many pictures!

Nana gave Ian his first icecream.

He wasn't much of a fan!

Since Carter's birthday was the week after they left, we declared Saturday as an early birthday and celebrated in style with pizza, cake, and presents.

We had such a great visit it was sad to see it come to a close. Back to the airport. Thanks Nana and Papa for a FABULOUS time! We love and miss you!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Ian was so cute playing with his cars I had to pull out the camera. As soon as he saw it, though, he dropped all cars and went into photo shoot mode. He was hamming it up for the camera. Nice to actually have a kid that smiles when I try to take their picture!