Sunday, October 24, 2010

Apple Pickin'

Over Fall Break we went to Thatcher so that we could do some apple pickin' up on Mt. Graham at Angle's Orchard. Cari and her girls also came to join in on the fun. The day was perfect! The weather was beautiful, kids were happy, and we got lots of delicious apples!

Cindy introduced me to a new variety of apple called "Arkansas Black." Yummy! We had Dad working like a mule, picking us buckets full. Most of the ones left were high in the trees, so the job fell on him. He's great sport.

There are no ladders or anything available for us to use, so it's pretty much pick what you can reach. Lucky for the kids, they had my shoulders. Everyone needed a turn, but here are just a few of their pictures. Good times.

Showing off the prize!

Carter was pretty proud of the bridge he "built" to help us all across the stream.

Excellent work, Carter. Good thinking!

The kids all had their bags loaded....

...but there was always room for just a couple more. Every time I thought we'd finished, the kids would come walking out with another apple or two. All the apples were pretty hard to resist.

Even Ian loved them! He commadeered Nikki's prize apple and wouldn't give it back.

After we picked apples we went down a bit to Noon Creek and had a nice little hot dog roast. It was a great spot with shade for the adults and lots of rocks to climb on for the kids.

Even Ashlyn got adventurous and was all over the rocks.

I'm somewhat of a professional hotdog cooker...

....yet I still fail to compare to Dad's skills.

I love picnics in the mountains.

After the mountain, we went back to Thatcher for a few days. I don't know how Grandpa and Grandma handle all these nuts!

Cari's girls introduced Grandma to silly bands, so she went and bought a bunch so she could be in on the trading. The kids had a blast. Grandma has a special knack with her grandkids and they always feel important and special when she's around.

After Cari's family went home, Cindy helped me make a baby blanket for a friend of mine while Grandpa and Ian had some good bonding time. Ian helped Grandpa with his jobs and Grandpa helped Ian with his playing. They were a great team. Grandpa loves his grandbabies!

I took my box of apples home and made applesauce, dried apples, and apple butter. It's always so satisfying and they all turned out good. I especially loved the applesauce with those "Arkansas Blacks." Next year I may have to get two boxes!