Sunday, March 25, 2012


January is a pretty exciting month for us. Besides the fun of New Year's and a new beginning, we have THREE birthdays!

Eric starts us off with a bang on the second. We had to celebrate early this year because he was on call his whole birthday weekend. I'm sure we did something fun, but if not, we at least opened presents! He sure is a great guy and we are lucky to have him as our own.

Isaac had a post season soccer tournament. Just when you think things are wrapping up....they hit you with something else! It was a private tournament with several club teams. We'll just say it was a good learning experience. We love his coaches and team, so win or lose, we all had a good time.

Ian learned an impressive new magic trick.

"Now you see my hand..."

"...Now you don't!"

He has also been working on perfecting his "knock knock" jokes. He's pretty much a crack up all around!

Isaac's birthday was the next to roll around. A WHOLE DECADE OLD! He enjoys a good time celebrating himself!

He scored all kinds of things, but his favorite was a globe from Nana and Papa.

I really need to check my lens for Ian smudges before taking pictures. But this is all we have for the next several, so this is what we get!

One of his gifts was a hike to the top of Picacho Peak with Mom. When we pulled up to the pay station, the man at the window thought the two of us could never make it and wasn't shy about telling us so. I don't think he realized what kind of fire he just lit! The sign says, "Not recommended for children under 10", but Isaac turned 10 yesterday, so by golly, we were going to hike it!

There were a few strenuous spots, but nothing we couldn't handle. At this same spot on the way down, I was in front of Isaac to catch him if he fell, when he yelled for me. I turned around to see him hanging from the cables and he very calmly said, "This is when it's bad to be so short." We got a pretty good laugh out of that one.

Isaac at the top!

We weren't very successful at getting our own picture with the sign!

On the way home he amended his favorite gift list and hiking made it to the very top. I'm glad. I had a great time, too. We may have to make it a tradition. That night he had a few close friends over for homeade pizza and all-you-can-play xbox. What a great birthday!

We tore down Isaac's streamers and put up new ones for Ian's birthday two days later. He is a very big TWO now!

Being King of the Day wasn't all that impressive to him, since that's the norm, but I still think he had a pretty good day. He was willing to throw his arms in the air and yell "Happy Birthday" and "Surprise!" at anyone's request.

I put a lot of thought into what I get my kids for their birthday, but his very favorite was the truck and trailor that Isaac got for him browsing the aisles the night before. I'm glad he loved it.

He's a funny kid and keeps our lives interesting. We love him!

Isaac had his third pinewood derby. After a lot of blood, sweat, tears, and internet searching, we came up with another bummer car. I'm sure he'll be able to laugh about it someday... As for me, I'm going back to the "throw it together at the last minute" method. It seemed to work the best for us. I'm not so sure Carter will go for that, though. He came straight home and starting drawing up plans for his first super awesome car next pinewood derby. Maybe he'll have a little more success!

And that was our January - at least what I can remember of it!