Sunday, September 9, 2012


The Jones' left us!  After three years of keeping me sane and alive, they decided they were ready to move on to real life, get a job, yada, yada.  Jake finished his residency in podiatry and then off they went - without ever really consulting my feelings on the matter!  Fortunately (or possibly unfortunately for them!), they moved just a few streets down from Cari so we can still stalk them now and again.  I haven't been able to decide who will miss them most - me, Eric, or Isaac.  Jake was Eric's sanity as much as Natalie was mine, and Isaac and Caleb were best of buds.  All of the kids loved each other, of course, but they were quite the interesting mix of relationships.
 Isaac and Caleb
 The big boys
 The little boys
 The sweet girls
All the munchkins, minus Parker and Katie.  We'll miss them, too!
First Day of School!
Another school year!  Hooray!  I'm usually pretty sad to see the summer end, but I have to admit that we were all pretty ready this year.  Ashlyn, especially was very anxious to start school!  We had a count down for many days before Kindergarten started.
 Ashlyn ready for Kindergarten!   (my family - think back to family pictures in front of the temple and you'll appreciate what a great shot this is!)
 Isaac - 5th grade already?
 "Do you want to be late on your first day of school?"
 Carter - 2nd grade watch out!
 Ian - ready for a house and a mom all to himself!
 The sun was bright.
 We gave one of Isaac's friends, Matthew a ride and he was a good sport to jump in on a picture although he had already done his duty for his mom.
 Ashlyn in front of her classroom.  She has Ms. Kornacki this year.
 Ashlyn was so excited that one of her best friends, Rebecca, is in the same class!
 At her desk and ready to go!
 Carter in front of Ms. Terpstra's room.
 Isaac about to enter the world of Ms. Baden.
 Ian just happy to be alive!
 Coming off the bus for the first time.  Big moment that was almost as exciting as kindergarten itself!
We love, Marvin, our bus driver!
So far, so good for all of the kids.  Ashlyn thrives at school and comes home with best behavior marks.  Carter is still reporting that recess is his best time of day, although he will slip music in every once in awhile, and Isaac came home the first week of school and said, "Mom, I LOVE 5th grade!  I'm not so bored all the time now!"  Here's to a great year!
Potty Training!
I promised Eric that I would start potty training Ian as soon as school started.  I was able to get out of it the first week, but then ran out of excuses.  It's not something that I really look forward to, and although Ian was more than ready, I still dreaded overcoming his fear of the toilet.  Big first step.  Luckily, he's a boy, so we got around it by standing (once I was able to get him near it, weird kid.)  Number two was a whole other matter, but no one really needs the details of that!  The first week was a pretty typical, miserable experience - but then he got it!  A few more accidents here and there, but we've been accident free for several weeks now!  In fact, I think the last accident he had was on Kimmie's new carpet.  (Sorry again!)  He has never wet during nap time and only occasionally at night.  We are pull up free and I am basking in the glory of my diaper free, new favorite child!  Why couldn't they all have been this easy?
 He's pretty darn cute in his undies, too!

Lost Battle
Isaac has taken to sleeping with a number of large stuffed animals.  We have failed to understand why he is willing to give up his bed, but he insists on it.  We keep telling him that one night they're going to completely boot him out.
 Since we knew he'd never remember, we made sure to document the night the animals won.
Fearsome Fighter
We finally broke down and bought Carter his own sparring gear for karate.  He's been wanting some for a long time.  Would you believe we don't have a single picture of him wearing it?  However, we have our super fierce, super victorious fighter.