Friday, March 20, 2009

Match Day! Match Day!

Eric opened the big envelope this morning, and we're going to Tucson! We are really excited and I took lots of pictures, but that will have to wait until later. It's late!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Sigh of RELIEF!!!

We're in! We don't know where, but we know that we have matched with an orthopaedic program. Hooray! We were really nervous since the odds weren't necessarily in our favor. We are feeling very humble and very grateful to a loving Heavenly Father who has blessed us so much. We find out Thursday where we will be going.

Happiest man alive spreading the great news.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kick! Pass! Shoot!

Soccer season has begun! I was dreading it for a while - realizing that I had just booked every Saturday until graduation - but I've really been enjoying it since the first practice. It's way better than basketball (in my humble opinion, Briana! :)). This is Carter's first season and he is SOOOO excited to be playing. Eric is his coach and really enjoying it. Isaac thinks he's an old pro since he has played two other seasons and his always willing to give Carter advice. He has improved so much and is finally starting to get it.

Our two soccer players.

Gotta get your game face on!

Both number 2. What a surprise! You'd think that they do numbers by size or something....

Ashlyn crashed out before the second half of Carter's game. It was SOOOO windy and she just couldn't keep her eyes open with Nana protecting her from the wind, all cuddled up.

Isaac had to have his turn with the camera. It's a good thing he got a picture of himself, because we didn't. I got plenty of Carter, but Isaac's game was too exciting to stop and take pictures. Eric and I were fighting half the time over who had to video.
Carter didn't disappoint as most 4 year olds playing soccer won't. As soon as his team got the ball the first time, he took off to the goal and stood there waiting with arms and legs open wide. When his team got the ball down field, Carter had a kick-out with his own teammate who was just trying to make a goal! It was hilarious. Later in the game he stole the ball from the other team and when I yelled "Good job, Carter!" he stopped, turned and gave me a big smile - oblivious to where the ball was or what was going on in the game. I'll have to try and be more quiet.

Isaac has bumped up and now plays on a bigger field with four on four, instead of three on three. He has been so fun to watch in practice. He runs hard and plays hard. They played a tough team on Saturday, but he did good. I have plenty to yell - but I think he has learned to tune me out. Hopefully the rest of the team will soon because I know each one by name. It's just too hard to sit there with your mouth closed. This will be a great soccer season. If only the wind will stop blowing!

Birthday Girl!

Miss Ashlyn is two! She's our little princess and it was fun to spoil her all day. The day before her birthday, we invited over Ian Walker and Diana Hunt who had turned two earlier in the week for a little birthday playdate. We fingerpainted and ate snacks and cupcakes. She wouldn't really have anything to do with them, but I'm glad they came. I need to get her together will other kids more often.

Saturday morning she came in our room and requested to watch "Bob." We turned on PBS and what do ya know - there was Bob the Builder. I knew this was going to be HER day! We headed downstairs and I asked her if she was ready for some birthday pancakes. She started to panic and cried "No! No birthday blow!" I had put candles in her cupcake the day before and she did not want ANYTHING to do with them. So, there were no candles all day for her birthday. I considered torturing her out of tradition, but then I realized that today she was the queen and if she didn't want candles, then there would be no candles.

She made us some yummy pancakes and sampled strawberries while they cooked. She'd take a big bite and say "Ummm....that's some good strawberry!"

She loved opening presents and being the center of attention. She wanted to play with/wear everything as soon as it came out of the bag. Everything, that is, except...

...the tutu I made her. It scares her and she won't have much to do with it. She did like the other dress up skirt I made her two days ago when she found it, but I think my dramatic reaction when I saw her putting it on and saying "Ooooh! Pretty!" scared her away from it, too.

Her two favorite presents, by far, were her baby stroller and the bag of candy that Isaac gave her. We even had to take the stroller to the soccer games that day.

We had planned to go to the zoo, but it was a really windy day and everyone was pretty worn out after the soccer games. Instead, Nana and I took Ashlyn shopping for a birthday present from Nana and Papa and then watched a movie and relaxed. Ashlyn was pretty funny picking out her shoes and a new outfit. One second, everything was "So cute!" and the next second it was "Go home!" I had made a birthday dessert, but only the adults enjoyed it.

Nothing in the world could have made Ashlyn happier than her birthday sucker.

Happy Birthday, Ashlyn!