Friday, January 29, 2010

More Baby

The Story....

When you're pregnant, you come to discover that everyone has a cool birthing story. People see your belly and the conversation inevitably turns to their own experiences with child birth. It can't be helped and it's usually quite entertaining. I had a girl's night out with a few friends not long before Ian was born, and I'm sure the teenage employees of Cold Stone Creamery will never be the same again. However, I rarely have much to contribute. My story is basically, I was induced at X time and delivered Y child at Z o'clock with the variables changing only by times and the child. I was determined that this time was going to be different. Alas, I was wrong. My Dr. offered induction as an option and I had to jump on it. After all, nothing else was working!

So on the morning of the 21st, Eric and I take our last picture as parents of three, anxious and nervous about returning as parents of four. The short story is that I was induced at 1:30p and delivered Ian Joseph at 11:09p. The labor was mind numbingly slow. The more pitocin they gave me, the more the contractions slowed. Very frustrating! My sister Cari called everyone in the family to get their guesses on what time the baby would be born and most everyone's time had come and gone before I even got my epidural. I could embellish my story a bit with the anesthesiologist who tried to kill me, but I'm still too bitter to give her much of my page.
"No, I'm not just being squeamish from the pressure. It feels like you're shoving a knife in my back and there are waves of pain shooting down my right leg."
Had she not called me squeamish multiple times (all I did was tell her that something wasn't right) she would have already been forgiven and long forgotten. However, she did, so it may take awhile!
Finally the time arrived. Dr. Durfee got there about 10:45 and Ian Joseph Chapman was born at 11:09.

Perfect Baby Boy...

I've never had much intuition when it comes to my body, or my babies, or pretty much anything. But for some reason, I couldn't stop worrying about this baby and particularly, that the cord would be wrapped around him and cause problems. I spent many days and nights praying that all would be well and that I would deliver a healthy and strong baby boy with no complications. I even mentioned my concerns to my Dr., but she assured me that everything would be alright. During labor, every time I would have a contraction, the baby's heart rate would drop and the nurse explained that that could be caused by cord compression. Now I was really worried! When Ian was born, he was the cutest little present you've ever seen - all wrapped up tight in the umbilical cord. It was around his neck, over his shoulder, under his arm, etc., etc. It took them a couple of minutes to get him untangled. As frustrated as I was at having such a slow, low-key labor, I really feel that it was an answer to my prayers. Maybe everything would have been fine anyway, but I cringe to think of what could have been if I had had a fast and hard labor, especially if I had not been induced and monitored the whole time. I don't like those kinds of stories. But thankfully, everything is in the Lord's hands and Ian was born a perfectly healthy baby. My biggest so far at 7 lbs and 12 oz. We've liked the name Ian for several years, and Joseph is after my father-in-law, William Joseph Chapman.

The family photo shoot....

After seeing the baby, Carter didn't want to leave. They had to coax him pretty hard to go and get some lunch. He hopped right up on the bed with me and talked and talked about how cute his new baby brother was.

This was the first hospital I've had a baby at where there was no nursery, but you kept the baby in the room with you all the time. I wasn't sure how well I'd like that. It's kind of nice to have those last few hours of sleep before you take the baby home and that sleep is gone forever (so it seems). It turned out to be great. Ian was a champ. It was the nurses I couldn't wait to get away from! Thankfully, the pediatrician didn't make us stay the full 24 hrs and we were walking out at 6:30p the next evening.
Coming home....
Here's Ian as we were just about to leave the hospital. I think he was as nervous about going home as we were!

After sleeping so well at the hospital, we had high hopes for our first night home. Yeah right. Here is Ian as we are headed for bed.

Here is Ian as soon as we laid him down.

He didn't cry all night, but he sure didn't sleep either. Thankfully he has gotten a little better each night. My in-laws came from Texas to help out and they were life savers. I got to sleep, relax, and cuddle my baby for a week while my poor mother-in-law wore herself to a frazzle. We were really sad to see them go and the kids were already missing them the second they walked out the door. There will be a little more on their week later. My parents were also a great help with watching the kids all day long while we waited for Ian to arrive. We're blessed to have such wonderful family!

Ian is definitely all boy. He doesn't burp, he belches. He doesn't toot, he clears the room. And when he really wants to impress the ladies, namely me, he squirts milk out of his nose. It's going to be a rude awakening when he gets older and the women in his life don't kiss and praise him for his efforts the way his mother does!

He eats fantastic and has the diapers to prove it. You can count on him making magic in his pants every single feeding - day or night.

Isaac loves him, Carter adores him, and Ashlyn tolerates him. I thought that Ashlyn would be all over the baby all day long, but it's actually Carter who insists on holding him the most. He's been a great big brother and will hold the baby as long and as often as we'll let him. He only willingly gives him back when he starts to fall asleep himself.
My parents came up today to get the kids and take them back to Thatcher for the weekend (thank you!). When Cindy asked Ashlyn how she liked her new baby brother, she exclaimed "Not very well!" and dramatically threw herself across Grandma's lap. She doesn't appreciate being dethroned. It will take a little adjusting, but she will always be my princess!
Eric and I were talking about how interesting it is that Ian instantly felt apart of our family as soon as he was born - like he was where he belonged and there would be a big hole if he were missing. I think all parents worry as they go from one child to two about being able to love another as much as they love their first child. It's a wonderful phenomenon the way our heart doesn't divide or choose favorites, but grows bigger and bigger as each child is born and loves each one dearly for their own unique selves. Carter did ask me a couple days ago if he was rare, because Isaac might like to collect him if he was. I assured him he was one of a kind! We are so grateful to have Ian as a part of our family and are anxious to watch him grow and see who he becomes, but are content to hug and kiss and cuddle with him for now. We are so BLESSED!

Friday, January 22, 2010


....Ian Joseph Chapman! Born January 21, 2010 at 11:09 pm. He weighs 7 lbs 12 oz and is 20 1/2 in long. More to come later. We sure do love our new baby boy!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Weatherman Carter

Carter loves the weather. He has a lot of passions, but this one is closer to the top. He made a weather map the other day and wanted me to video him giving the forecast and then post it to I didn't quite get it to, but I managed to put it on my blog!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Gotta love Airsoft

There's nothing like a gun that you can practice your aim with in the comfort of your own home. Who needs "Simon Says" for family activities?

Friday, January 15, 2010

What HASN'T worked -

- being unprepared
- getting prepared
- cleaning my house
- letting my house get trashed again
- walking for mile after endless mile
- jumping on the trampoline
- racing the kids
- doing "the Running Man"
- skipping
- various recommended exercises and positions
- swinging
- sweet talking the baby
- threatening the baby
- reverse psychology on the baby
- carrying all manner of heavy objects
- praying (pleading, begging, etc.)
- eating Mexican food
- planning things
- climbing ladders
- whatever else I can think of!

What WILL work -

- induction on January 21 at noon. I see the light!

Yes, I realize I still have a week (and possibly a few days) until I'm due, but even if I did agree to a 40 week program when I signed up (I'm not sure I ever really did - I always think "this time will be different"), I'm ready to be done! Wish me luck and a precious new baby SOON!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Umm....Probably Not

Carter: "Mom, can we use a match?"
Me: "Why?"
Carter: "We need it to make our dynamite."

Few minutes later... (thought he should recruit some help)

Isaac: "Can we please use a match?"
Me: "Not a chance."
Isaac: "But we need to blast our dirt hill!"

Oh, silly me. I must have misunderstood their intentions. Okay then....

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Happy Birthday Eric!

Eric turned 31 this year. Yikes! Now he's really into his thirties. Old man! He had to work, but was home around noon. His new rotation has been heavenly! My good friend Natalie went above and beyond herself and gave us a six hour date. It's only the second date we've been on since moving here. It felt soooo good to just spend time together. I think it was just as much of a birthday present to me as it was to Eric.

The kids made sure everything was just right with decorations, banners, etc. They love the birthday decorating. The only place we really dropped the ball was with the candles. Notice the lovely match in the center of the cake!

It was a great day (at least for me!). Happy Birthday, Eric!