Sunday, May 29, 2011

Salt Lake City

Finally! My in-laws were coming and I was leaving - for a whole week! Just me and Eric, all by ourselves, with no whining, crying, demanding, wiping, you know, the usual. A trip to SLC was just what I needed and I was ready to go. As anxious as I was to go and see Eric and have a little freedom, I was surprised by the sudden attack of separation anxiety I was having. You'd think since it had just been me and the kids all day every day for the last two months that I'd be jumping on my airplane without a glance back, but I have to admit that it was a little lonely eating my sandwich and reading my book all by myself in the airport. My eyes got watery several times and I hoped I would be able to make it through the week. After all, between all the whining, etc., there was a lot of hugging, playing, laughing, tickling, whomping, and plain ol' good conversation (well at least as good as it gets at this age), too. I kept waiting for the couple next to me on the plane to ask me all about my family, because I was ready to fill our trip with the exciting details of my four children, but I couldn't draw them out. I tried and failed. But don't worry, I managed to shove my phone in their face as we were getting off the airplane to show them a picture of our recent egg coloring. They didn't ask to see it, but I could tell it's what they wanted more than anything. :) I think they were just shy...:)

However, most of my anxiety left me when I got to baggage claim and there was Eric with my suitcase and a beautiful bouquet of tulips. It was soooo good to see him in real life! Skype is wonderful, but nothing is as good as the real thing.

He started my vacation out with dinner at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. The view was so fabulous! We had to keep switching seats so we could each have turns with the best shot of the temple. SOOOO pretty! He then took me to a concert at the tabernacle by the Temple Square Choir and the Orchestra at Temple Square. Eric leaned over to me and asked if the choir was like the farm team for the Mormon Tabernacle Choir. Right after that the announcer said that this was the practice choir - those trying out and the first years - of Motab. Kind of funny!

The next morning was Easter morning and we went to "Music and the Spoken Word" with the real Mormon Tabernacle Choir. It was pretty amazing. The prophet was even there. He was way up front and I was way in the back, but when he waved, I'm sure he was looking right at me. :) Another resident working in Salt Lake for a few months invited us for Easter dinner, and with a nap in between, it was a great day!

The rest of the week was just nice. Eric still had to work during the day, but I would wander around and sightsee or hunker down and read (it snowed!) and then we would play when he got home at night. One of the best parts was going and doing as we pleased and staying out as late as we wanted. "Want dessert before we head home?" "Sure! We're not paying a babysitter!" Wednesday evening Eric drove me to Provo to meet up with my sisters for Women's Conference. It was WONDERFUL! It's nice to check out from real life every now and again and receive the motivation to check back in!

We drove home Friday night, but even that wasn't too bad. Kimberly didn't trust me to drive and Cari shoved me in the back because I was younger, so I stretched out and slept the whole way. Travel is much better with them than my kids!

I had such a great week and was so excited to see my kids when I got home. They thrived, my in-laws survived and I came home rested, rejuvenated, and ready to take on the world. Thanks again, Bill and Debbie!

Sorry no pictures - they're stuck on my phone and I left my camera at home...

Saturday, May 28, 2011

While I was away...

I saw my in-laws for a whole 10 minutes on my way out of town. I picked them up at the airport and then they kicked me to the curb. I'd written an extensive list of activities, lessons, food preferences, entertainment options, etc., etc., and hoped that it would be enough, because I was out of there! Ashlyn had thrown up a couple of times that morning, but was acting totally fine the rest of the time, so I thought it was nothing (she semi-often does weird things like that) - kissed them all good bye and wished Bill and Debbie 'good luck.' Unfortunately, it wasn't "nothing" and my list was flushed down the toilet, along with everyone else's lunch. Ashlyn did fairly well the rest of that day, but it hit everyone but my father-in-law, one by one (and at one point 3 - Isaac, Carter, and Debbie). I've been told that my father-in-law deserves a medal of honor for courageously holding down the fort. I still haven't gotten many details about their week, but I was left some pictures to enjoy.

The sick room

After recovery, I think these next two pictures were taken to prove that the kids actually did some of their duties (or in Carter's case - doodies!:)) Gotta love the pooper scooper!

Whatever went on, I'm pretty sure Ian was the main entertainment. I was so proud when I saw the picture in the dryer. Although annoying now, he'd been working up the courage for some time to go in, but could never quite talk himself into it. Nana turned her back and when she turned back around, there he was!

Shoes are his thing these days.

Nana and Ashlyn had a girl's day out on the town. They went shopping and out to lunch. Ashlyn came back as a beautiful bride.

Instead of waking up early to make it to the airport (they flew in and out of Phoenix) when it was time to go, they took the kids to a hotel to have some fun. They loved the swimming and who can resist watching TV in a hotel room? Wait...someone's missing. Where's Ian?

Oh, there he is!

The kids loved having Nana and Papa there. There's no one they'd rather have clean up their puke than their grandparents! :) It wasn't exactly the visit that my in-laws had imagined it would be, but they were troopers and are VERY much appreciated!