Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Best Boy Ever!

I haven't been much on blogging lately. Somehow it keeps slipping to the bottom of my priority list. Unfortunately, that means there hasn't been a whole lot Ian for anyone to see. I keep making plans in my head for a big, grandiose post that showcases Ian from birth until now. It wasn't such a big feat when "now" was three or four months ago, but it has become more and more overwhelming as time goes on, which is why I haven't done it. I was flipping through pictures this evening and decided I couldn't go another day without showing off my favorite guy. Here's just a little bit of Ian this summer...

He has been my most easy-going, happiest baby. My world happily revolves around him and mundane baby jobs that I usually dread have become a treat because they give me a break from the rest of the world and an excuse to just be with my baby. Eric and the kids adore him just as much as I do. We are so blessed to have him in our family!

Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of School! First Day of School!

I'm sure all of the neighbors heard Carter's shouts of joy when he woke up early Monday morning. FINALLY he gets to go to Kindergarten! As joyful as the wake-up was, the morning soon became painful as he was ready to go (Ate breakfast - check. Got dressed - check. Did my jobs - check. Brushed my teeth - check. Put my shoes on - check. Backpack on and ready - check), but school didn't start for another couple of hours - yes, hours. Isaac wasn't in near the hurry. He's a seasoned third grader now. I promised that after we told Marvin, their bus driver, that I was taking them the first morning, we could go. Of course, I threw in a photo shoot to stall a few more minutes. Luckily, you all can relive the adventure with us - step by step!

So long to four monkeys all day every day.

Carter playing the part of a big kindergartner.

Isaac as handsome as ever.

I'm not really sure whose children these are!

We were still pretty early, so I made the car ride as long and drawn out as I possibly could. It's no easy task taking more than five minutes to drive a mile!

Can you feel the suspense building?
Finally to the classroom door. Look how well he's tolerating me!
Welcome to Mrs. Beals' Kindergarten class!

Isaac didn't get quite the fanfare. As I mentioned before, he's quite the seasoned "first day of schooler." His new teacher is Mrs. Iturralde.

Just the two of them left. Now what am I going to do? I'm sure I can think of something!

The first week of school went great. Both boys really like their teachers and school seems to be as fabulous as Carter imagined it to be. Now, as to whether he's learning anything is yet to be determined. Dinner time conversation -

Dad: "What did you learn about today, Carter?"
Carter: "We don't really learn anything."
D: "What do you do all day?"
C: (Imagine Carter's long drawl) "We color, play games, read books. And sometimes my teacher talks for a long time."
D: "Hmmm....maybe when she's talking to you she's trying to teach you something."
C: "Yeah...maybe...but that's kind of boring."
Isaac's school day seems to evolve around the recess soccer game. We've yet to hear what he learns about every day, but he hasn't been short on soccer details. I miss recess.

As much as Ashlyn has enjoyed her time at home without her brothers picking on her, just hanging out with me and Ian isn't quite cutting it. Today was her first day of preschool. She was pretty giddy. What a funny girl.

It's still so hard to get her to smile for a picture!

She didn't want me to walk her to the door, but I insisted. She may think she's big, but she's still my baby.

Starting puzzles while waiting for the last little boy to come. I'm doing another co-op this year with three other moms. Apparently it went well, because she came home gushing. I got lots of hugs, lots of details, and lots of smiles.
While her and the boys were having so much fun at school, Ian and I had to go grocery shopping all by ourselves. Isn't school grand?!?

Friday, August 13, 2010

Getting it under Control!

Well, sort of. Ian has crazy hair that we really don't know where came from. He has a mass of curls on top, with a little curly wing on each side - with not much else. I can't bring myself to touch the top yet, but it was time for the wings to go. Aunt Cari was gracious enough to take care of business for us. He was a perfect baby.

So handsome!

Just Munchin'

Ian had his first bites of baby food back in June.

He wasn't a huge fan, but with a little encouragement, he took it down - mostly.

Since then, food has taken on a whole new meaning for him. He loves it! It gives him great joy and delight and he has to have it.

I feel guilty when we eat in front of him, because he watches us so intently - just hoping for a bite. If I don't give him anything, he soon resorts to munching on the table.

Whatever makes him happy!