Monday, September 19, 2011

Different Strokes for Different Folks

Friday was Opposite Day at the boys' school, where the kids were supposed to dress like the teachers and the teachers were supposed to dress like the kids. I had forgotten about it and was shocked when I saw Isaac walk in the kitchen with a button up shirt and nice dress pants on. Button up shirts are the worst things ever in our house (even though he looks so handsome in them!). I asked Carter if he wanted to dress up and he said "No, I just really like being me."

I love that Isaac wants to be involved, even if it mandates the wearing of undesirable clothing. I love that he gets into the spirit of things and wants to participate in everything and really enjoys himself.

I also love that Carter is so comfortable with who he is. I love that he doesn't bend with every changing wind and that he stays true to his own little personality, no matter what other people are doing.

They are such different boys, but they're both great kids and I'm so lucky to have them!

Forgiveness Stamp

Carter and Ashlyn went and got the mail this afternoon and as soon as they brought it in the house, Isaac and Ashlyn started fighting over a dolphin stamp. I told them I didn't want to listen to them fight, to put it on the counter, and I'll decide later who gets it. Of course, later to Ashlyn is every 30 seconds to a minute. After putting her off for the gazillionth time she decided a little reasoning would be her best tactic.

"Mom, I think that the dolphin stamp should be a forgiveness stamp. Since I do a lot of bad things, then I think I should get it since it's a forgiveness stamp. So can I have it?"

She has a point, but it may need to go to Ian instead of her. I won't take the time to list all of his offenses, but I wasn't really all that surprised when I was looking for my cell phone that my VCR started to ring when I called it....

Sunday, September 11, 2011


Friday I was in the grocery store and we were having an above normal good experience. It had started out bad, with me trying to force Ian in the basket and him screaming and trying to jump out. So I gave in, because I really needed groceries, and let him walk and ride on the side. Besides it taking us twice as long, we actually had a pretty good time. When we were checking out, both Ashlyn and Ian were helping to put the groceries on the belt and then the bags in the cart. There was no screaming, no grabbing things, no "mean face" mom, etc. As we were about to leave, an older gentlemen behind me asked if I could handle a compliment.
"Sure," I said.
"It has been a joy watching you and your functional family. It has been a real treat. Thank you."
"Thank you. I have really great kids."
"Yes you do."
And then I walked away with watery eyes because we had been functional and I really do have great kids. So often I feel like we're barely hanging in there and I forget to notice how lucky I am and what a wonderful family I have. Every day isn't perfect - I was lucky he didn't see me earlier in the store - but so many minutes are. I appreciate that man for taking a moment to make my day and help me count my blessings.

Here are a few pictures that I downloaded. I'm not sure where Carter has been, but Ian has no problem finding the camera!

Isaac had his first rocket derby. It wasn't going as well as he'd hoped. He'd been pretty unlucky with broken rocket parts and snapping rubber bands.

Fortunately he was still able to have a good time. He gave me this goofy pose right before my camera died. It's all I got!

Ian is a constant source of stinkerness. Piano and homework is an interesting production at our house. Ian's usually pounding away, but he can't resist a "cheese" opportunity.

He loves wearing hats and they're always on backwards. He knows he's pretty cool...

Ashlyn just wanted in on the picture taking action.

More cheese!

Last Sunday we went to Phoenix for my brother's baby blessing and were so lucky that our awesome friends from med school, Polly and Santino, were blessing their baby the same day. David and Amanda (also great med school friends) were able to be there, too. After we left, Eric and I were talking about how we felt just as good and happy seeing them as we had felt with our family earlier that day. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful friends. We couldn't have made it through med school without them and love that they will forever be a part of our lives.

Eric, Aubrey, David, Amanda, Polly, Santino

Isaac was getting ready for soccer practice and couldn't resist giving me a pose. Awesome goalie block if I do say so myself!

He had his first game on Saturday and did great! They tied 2-2. He played hard and kept running even though he was really pooped and ready to quit. He didn't play goalie, but did a fabulous job at defense and forward.

Ian has decided to take after his brother and play soccer, too. He got the shin guards right, but I'm afraid he'll have to trade in my flip flops for cleats!

Colossal Caves

Over Labor Day weekend our good friends, Jason, Erica and Bryce, from Galveston days came to visit us. They currently live in Alburquerque, but are hoping to move back to the Houston area soon. We're so glad they came before they do! We had such a good time - mostly visiting. On Saturday Erica and I were able to squeeze in kickboxing and a pedicure and the guys took the kids swimming and then went to a movie. Eric was able to get us tickets to the U of A football game that night, so we got a babysitter and hit the town. We were so excited to have free tickets to the game, but by the time we ate all our yummy stadium food and paid for the babysitter, the "free" had lost all of its excitement!

On Monday we went to Colossal Caves in South Tucson. I love caves and am pretty impressed every time. This one was perfect for a baby and small kids. It was a "dead" cave, so even though you're encouraged not to touch anything, it's okay if there's a slip up.

Isaac, Carter, Bryce, Ashlyn, Ian

Bryce, Carter (in the back), Isaac

Carter and Isaac both got to be helpers and shine the flashlight at a particular point of interest.

The last few times we have seen the Yule's, Ashlyn has been very attached to Jason. He had to work a little harder for her affection this time, but in the end he won out!

Erica, Jason, Ashlyn

They have a park around the caves with different activities, a museum, library, etc. The kids had a sheet to punch holes in at several different areas. Once it was finished, they were able to turn it in for a prize. They all loved their polished shiny rocks. Of course, I didn't get pictures of any of that, because, well, Ian is just really cute!

Thank you, Yules, for a great visit! We can't wait until we see you again!


We've had quite a few firsts lately - the firsts of the firsts being the first day of school! (say that ten times!) This was our first take of all the kids before the boys left for school.

It was considerably better than the second!

Not only were they excited for a new school year, but this was the first year that I've let them ride bikes to school. (I made them wait until the second day, though!)

Carter started the first grade. His teachers this year are Mrs. Hanover and Mrs. Rouintree. They are a duo that I've been super impressed with. It should be a great year!

Isaac started the fourth grade. His teacher is Mrs. Melsted. She seems really nice and he has enjoyed being in her class. He also just got voted on to Student Council as one of his class's representatives.

In they go!

Isaac still lets me hug and kiss him at the door. What a good boy!

A week later, Ashlyn had her first day of preschool. We're doing another co-op with friends this year and so far she loves it!

Here is the first that we've all been waiting anxiously for. Ian's first day of nursery! Hooray! Church has taken on a whole new meaning! If only they had nursery during sacrament meeting....

Carter has been after us every week for the last two years to sign him up for karate. It finally happened! This is his first day. He looks pretty fierce to me. Watch out!

We've only been a couple of times, but it seems to be everything he hoped for and dreamed about!

Exciting times!