Saturday, April 19, 2008

Can you blame me?

I told her "no." See why it doesn't happen very often?

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Exciting happenings for easily excitable people!

Exciting happening #1 - Feeding my family healthy and at least they ate it!

Sunday night I was watching my friend Kassie's kids when I started looking through her cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld, "Deceptively Delicious." You cook and puree several different vegetables, store them in your freezer, and then sneak them into meals. Supposedly, everybody's happy. The kids are happy because they're eating what they like and you're happy because they're still getting their veggies. My kids like vegetables, but I'm not the best at serving them (I know, I know), so I actually decided to try this more to help me than them. I spent ALL Tuesday afternoon steaming, baking, and pureeing. It was a lot easier than I thought it would be. Maybe I will make my own baby food next go-around. Anyway, I proudly made and served my first entree and dessert that night. Hamburgers with cauliflower and carrots and brownies with carrots and zucchinni. The boys ate them with no complaints. Eric, however, agreed that it was deceptive. I promise him hamburgers, but what he ate was NOT hamburgers. He smells brownies cooking all evening, and again - disappointed. The hamburgers weren't too bad as long as you thought of them as meatloaf, and the kids, mine and others, gobbled up the brownies. I decided that something from the cookbook every night this week would be a little much after all, but I haven't given up! My cousin Melanie was telling me about another one that her and her sister Marianne use that has better recipies, but I can't remember the name of it. Pretty exciting, huh! Bet you can't wait to read the rest of the blog!

Exciting happening #2 - The DTV converter box!

We finally got our coupons in the mail for our new DTV converter box! True, TV stations aren't changing completely to digital vs. analog until February, but why wait? We don't watch very much TV anyway, but its AMAZING how clear our channels are! We went from 4 or 5 pretty fuzzy channels (adjusting the rabbit ears to a different position for each one) to 9 crystal clear channels downstairs and even more upstairs. How were we living before without two weather channels and a spanish PBS? I tell ya! You can get your coupons at Who needs cable?

Exciting happening #3 - Bows!

I am finally becoming a mother of a girl! Ashlyn's hair-do has mainly consisted of having her bangs swept to the side, with an occasional clip that she usually pulls out soon anyway. Yesterday a few of my friends and I got together to learn how to make bows. Easy, I know, but I've just never done it. Ashlyn is stylin' now!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Weekend of Gratitude!

I spent this last weekend down in Arizona for my Grandpa Buck's funeral and it was a WONDERFUL weekend! While I was there, I couldn't help but think about so many different things that I am grateful for. Here are just a few...

I am thankful for my GRANDPA!

Funerals are great. Of course we miss the one that is gone, but it's such a wonderful time to celebrate their life. I learned a lot of things about my grandpa that I had never known before and I am proud of the legacy that he left me. He was definitely a unique individual and will be missed, but fortunately my brother, Steven, is carrying on some of his more notable traits! :)

I am thankful for my FAMILY!

ERIC AND THE KIDS - I was SOOOO excited to have a weekend ALL to myself! I left all three kids with Eric and headed off to AZ. Packing was great, the plane trip was a breeze, traveling to Thatcher and back was a piece of cake, not to mention the viewing, funeral, etc. Everything a mom dreams of, right? I hadn't been in the air ten minutes before I wanted my family with me. This weekend I realized that despite the hardships of motherhood (there are many days I think I'd give them all back in a flash!), the greatest joy in my life is being a mom. And life just isn't as sweet without my one and only by my side (and not just because the trash doesn't get taken out!). Cody finally put his foot down when I tried to hold his hand walking back to the car from the cemetary. "Aub, I'm your brother!"

MY SIBLINGS - I cried a lot this weekend, but about 75% of it was from hysterics, not mourning. I rarely laugh with anybody the way that I laugh with my brothers and sisters. True, most of it was at Stacie's expense (she's just so easy!), but it was really good for me all the same. I must have had my lucky rabbit's foot handy when sibling lots were cast.

MY MOTHERS - I'm thankful for my birth mother. Everyday I notice things that have her hand in them. Whether it's something she made, things she taught me, things my siblings do that are just like her, or habits I've picked up from her. It's nice that she's still such a presence in my life. I'm thankful for my wonderful step-mother. Again, I must have had my lucky rabbit's foot when Dad was looking around again. Every time I'm in Thatcher I count my blessings. She's very loving and accepting of each one of us and a person that I'd love to grow up to be just like. The only thing I'd change is not being closer to get to know her all the better. I've been out of state ever since she joined our family. It was a lot of fun to celebrate her birthday this weekend and to actually be there! I'm thankful for my mother-in-law. She has truly accepted me as one of her own and I feel just as loved as if I were her own blood. Eric agrees - always pouting that his mommy likes me better than him! (Who wouldn't? :)) She never hesitates to rearrange her schedule, drive lots of miles, take the kids, offer help, keep me sane, come to soccer games or whatever it may be, even though it is often inconvenient for her. I feel completely comfortable with her and am glad to not have to experience all of the dreaded "mother-in-law horrors" that are often portrayed and probably true in today's society.

I am thankful for a PROPHET!

It was such a neat thing to stand and sustain President Monson as the new prophet, seer, and revelator. Its such a blessing to know that God has placed a "watchman on the tower" and that the heavens are open and that there is a man on earth that God speaks to. We're not alone! We all loved President Hinckley very much, but as I stood to offer my support to President Monson, I knew that this was right and I look forward to the many years that I will be able to sustain him as a prophet over and over again.

I'm pretty blessed, huh?

Thursday, April 3, 2008

I forgot to knock on wood!

A couple of weeks ago my friend, Christina, was telling me how her son, Isaac (my Isaac's best friend in Bryan) had cut his hair. I told her how lucky I was that we had NEVER had any of those problems, Thank Goodness! Well, alas, my luck ran out. Isaac decided that his hair, that I cut a week and a half ago, was too long and he needed to do something about it. He was pretty impressed with his work and was quite dismayed when I told him it all had to come off. After parading him around to my neighbors getting a "second opinion" he finally agreed to the buzz. Good thing, since he wouldn't have had a choice anyway! The picture doesn't quite show how bad it really was, but it at least gives you an idea. He got the back, too. At least he's a boy and he did it on himself. I don't think he'll ever try that one again (knock on wood - I won't forget this time!). He's just lucky he did it on himself. If it had been one of his siblings....OOOOOOOO.

He actually scalped himself really well. I tried to keep it as long as possible, but after 2 bigger blades, finally had to go down to the 1/8". Oh well - it will grow. I usually buzz them in the summer anyway - just not this short!

She's got SKILLS!

Not walking skills - don't get too excited, but escaping skills. I often leave Ashlyn in her highchair after breakfast so that she doesn't get into anything while I finish getting dressed and get Isaac ready for school. I was upstairs brushing my teeth when I hear the boys yelling "Ashlyn - stop breaking it! The baby is getting it. Stop breaking our train!" -or something to that effect. So I head downstairs to investigate and lo and behold there is Ashlyn, sure enough, breaking their train track. I didn't get her out. Isaac didn't get her out. Carter didn't get her out. The boys didn't even see her do it. Pretty impressive, I'd say. So much for keeping her out of things! She hasn't conquered the crib yet, but I don't think she has tried. I'm pretty sure she could do it. Besides her crazy climbing skills, she doesn't seem to have a lot of fear. Yesterday we were out at the playground and she was racing up the steps and throwing herself down the slide (head-first, feet-first, whatever way you can imagine-first) cracking up the whole time while I was frantically trying to keep up with her and save her life! I'm not sure if she was laughing from the fun of the slide or just laughing at the joke she was making out of me. Maybe I'm not ready for her to walk?