Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take Me Out to the Ball Game...

I finally signed the boys up for their first season of baseball. I've somehow gotten out of it other years, but they wouldn't let me slide this time. Isaac is playing Coach's Pitch and loving it. Carter is playing T-Ball and having a blast. Ashlyn, Ian, and I are playing sitting in the bleachers almost every night of the week and enduring it! It's a lot of fun watching them, but between games and practices, it seems to have taken over our life. I covet "baseball free" evenings and Ashlyn practically jumps for joy when they happen to come our way. I think if she enjoyed it a little more, so would I.

T-Ball is pretty entertaining to watch. The things these little guys do are hilarious. During Carter's first game, he hit the ball and started running to first. The kid on first ran to second, but the kid on second decided to stay there. He wasn't about to move, so the two boys started in on a pushing match. Meanwhile, Carter saw his opportunity to keep running, so he just cruised on by the other two boys and continued on his way.

Isaac is doing really well and is just waiting for the game that he hits the ball out of the ballpark. We're not quite there yet, but he has gotten a few good hits. He has taken it upon himself to lead the cheers in the dugout. Much to the delight of all who are present, I've encouraged him to tone it down a little. Unfortunately, I can't say much. He gets it from me.

No matter how the game goes, if they come home with grass stains and dirt on their pants, it has been a success. Go Red Sox and Pirates!

Happy Easter!

Egg coloring time! See how giddy Eric is?

The kids were all envious of his egg coloring abilities and tried their best to mimic them. Maybe someday they'll be as great as their dad! I think this is my favorite part of all the Easter festivities. The kids love it, too. Their skills are greatly increasing. We had very few casualties this year!

My picture taking was pretty random on Easter. The kids checked out their baskets first thing in the morning and then found the eggs they had colored throughout the house.

Much to their delight, the hunt continued outside. Finally - eggs with something good in them! I'm not sure how the Easter Bunny got in my backyard, given all the trouble his relatives give my garden!

However, he did, and the Easter Bunny hid one golden egg with all of the others and Carter was the lucky winner. It was his pride and joy. He carried it around all day and tortured his brother and sister with it. He knew there was money in it by shaking it, but he wouldn't actually open it to count it because they wanted him to so bad. Stinker!

Ian was plain overjoyed by all of the celebrations!

We enjoyed a yummy breakfast, then watched the first session of General Conference. What a great way to spend Easter! Between sessions, we drove to Gilbert to Cari's house. We watched the second session and then had a scrumptious dinner with her family and Cody and Emily. We made it home late, but it was all worth it. I love holidays. Happy Easter!

Day of Hiking

The weekend after Spring Break, Cari and I wanted to do something fun, so she brought the kids down and we decided to hike Sombrero Mtn. We attached the small ones to us, then off we went.

Carter and Kinnedy are only two months apart and are quite remarkably similar in many of their character traits. For example, you can hardly tell one's whine and cry from the other. They started out well, but then alternated with the whole whine/cry thing until they were able to effectively drive us bonkers. As cute as they are, they're not invited next time! It was a little sad when Kinnedy fell victim to a jumping cactus, but thankfully it pulled right out.

The older kids, on the other hand, couldn't get enough.

They were really disappointed that we weren't going all the way to the top. It was a bit too ambitious for us. Ashlyn, was fantastic. She slept most of the way, and when it was time for a break...

...we conviently deposited her.
We stopped at a really neat rock cropping. I'd be scared to go there in the middle of the summer - too many hiding places for snakes - but it was great fun in the spring.

We made it back down in one piece and Cari and I are already looking forward and upward to our next adventure - I guess. Kinnedy took the picture. Who knows!

Spring Break in Flagstaff

Eric had the week of Spring Break off, so we decided we needed a little family trip. We thought it would be fun to go to Flagstaff and let the kids play in the snow before it was all gone, but I was having serious second thoughts as I was inside packing coats instead of outside in our beautiful 70 degree weather. We didn't want all of our beautiful weather to go to waste, so we stopped at Picacho Peak State Park to do a little hiking on our way there.

The kids were super troopers. I was a little nervous about how well Ashlyn would do, but she loved the climb UP. Down was another story, but it was well worth the adventure. It's only 30 mins from our house. I can't wait to go again.

Ashlyn, Ian, and I let the men do the rock climbing and exploring along the way. We decided we'd stay on steady ground. Had I not had Ian attached...

Ashlyn in a "cave." They were all very excited over any little rock indention.

Had to prove that Ian and I were there, too!

The pictures washed out all of the colors, but it was sooooo beautiful. We've had a lot of spring rains, so everything was a brilliant green and there were wildflowers everywhere. I'm so glad we stopped!
As soon as we got to Flagstaff, the kids immediately got to work building their leprechaun traps for St. Patrick's Day. My boys plan for this all year long, and save plenty of supplies. I cleaned out our supply pile several times and we still arrived with a garbage sack full. I don't think they used an eighth of it. Carter dilligently colored his whole trap green. This is quite the feat for a boy who hates to color. His preschool teachers will readily stand by that! We didn't catch any again this year, but those leprechauns sure did cause a lot of chaos! My sister's blog will tell you all about it.

Our first big adventure was to Grand Falls. It's a huge waterfall out in the middle of nowhere. It was really pretty, even if the water is a bit (or more) muddy.

Before you get to the bottom, there's a steep hill of black, soft sand. We spent most of our time there and the kids loved it!

Ashlyn and Hallie

Brooklyn and Ashlyn

Climbing up the soft sand almost gave us a heart attack every time. We're out of shape! Carter decided to hitch a ride.
The boys would run down the hill as fast as they could. I tried to race them, but was scared to death. I'm not quite as free as they are.

Uncle Mark and Ian

What a party!

For some reason, everyone thought it was a good idea to mess with me. Boy did they pay!

The girls decided they were ready to go, so they started loading up.
Everyone else wasn't quite ready.

Most parents would be concerned watching their child race full speed down a hill with a giant stick, but we just yelled "Be Careful!" and took pictures.

Even Ian got a little dirty.

Further down at the bottom they had tons of great rocks for climbing. Heaven for my boys.

Not to mention all the cool little caves.

We left Ashlyn and Ian up at the top. They're not quite as adventurous as the rest of us.
The next day was the one the boys had been anticipating the most...SLEDDING! Okay, so I was looking forward to it, too.
There was a little jump at the bottom of the hill we were sledding on. We didn't always come down perfect, but it added to the excitement.
Carter was able to get some great air...

...but needed a little work on his landing!
Isaac never stopped the whole time we were there.

It was really hard resisting Carter's big grins.
There was always a lot of concentration before he would head down. He wanted it just right so he would fly.

I got Ashlyn to go down with me, but just once. She liked the idea of it more than the actual ride.
The yellow sled was definitely the favorite for speed and air.
This was my first time sledding, so I made everyone ride with me, just so I could go again.

Eric and I didn't quite make it over the jump...

...but we survived!

Taige catching some air.
Carter catching some more air, when he got launched off the front of the sled.

It was great fun!

My niece, Hallie, wanted to ride with me, but then chickened out when we got to the top of the hill. Being the wonderful aunt that I am, I told her to "trust me," grabbed her, and shoved off.

...she wouldn't ride with me again.

But don't worry, I got Stacie, too!

We're quite the thrill seekers!

A few more pictures of the boys...

The hill we went on wasn't very big, but I had a blast. Eric says he can't wait to take me to a real hill - then I'll see what sledding is all about. I can't wait!

The rest of the time we mostly lounged around. After sledding, the guys asked us gals out on a date and it was really nice to go have some adult time. We also went and played around at the institute one afternoon. Eric and I had to show them how volleyball is really played! (Out of shape style, of course!) Naturally, Stacie and I got several card games in, and it just wouldn't be vacation if we didn't play a little Band Hero as well. The kids were getting irritated at Stacie and I for hogging it, but we had to perfect our skills! We let them play a little. :)

Jordynn was an angel with Ian. She would hear him squeaking at six in the morning and come take him until he was ready to eat. I loved it. It's hard to pass up a few extra minutes on the ol' air mattress!

He loves his bathtime! Or was it just his Aunt Stacie he adores?

Just can't pass up a picture of such a cool dude!

We had so much fun. Thank you, Moore Family, for sharing your Spring Break with us!